The Most Common Mistakes in Academic Writing

Have you been getting lower grades every time you submit your essay? Maybe it is already affecting your self-esteem, and you think the lecturer hates you for some reason. That is not the case. Have you considered that you could be making mistakes in your essays? Remember that no matter how compelling your essay appears, glaring mistakes and errors will put off your readers. Below are mistakes to avoid.

A Vague Thesis Statement

A good essay statement should provide the basis of your argument. The reader should understand what to expect in your essay since the essay will revolve around it. A vague thesis is confusing. It will demotivate the reader from reading the entire document. 

Long Confusing Sentences

The mind can understand short and precise sentences with ease. If you write long sentences, they end up confusing the reader. It would be best if you avoid including unnecessary phrases in your essay. Again, you can try breaking the sentence in two without changing the meaning. Do not forget to remove all fluffy words.

Poor Introduction

When writing an introduction, you should write short sentences. Avoid repeating the title and keep it brief. Let it be engaging to the reader. It should explain what the article is all about and highlight its importance. Unfortunately, many students craft a poor introduction. They make long and use long sentences. They do not include a hook to entice their readers to read. In return, they get a bad grade.

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Baseless Arguments

You could be getting a poor grade because you are giving unfounded arguments. Every claim that you provide, you need to support it with relevant evidence. That will give credibility to your essay. 

Passive Voice

Are you using passive voice in your essays? Passive voice makes your essay boring and puzzling to read. Active voice helps you avoid many grammatical errors and makes your writing concise and efficient. It makes your essay engaging and essay to read. 

Fluffy Words

Nothing is boring, like reading an essay full of fluffy words. It puts off the readers, and they feel like they are wasting their time. In most cases, choosing the wrong topic that contains scanty information tempts the students to include junks. To avoid this, choose an exciting topic full of materials. Edit your work and remove any junk.

Poor Conclusion

The conclusion should summarize the essay and bring it to a close. Unfortunately, many students leave the readers hanging in the end. Some introduce a new idea, which should not be the case. Instead of summarizing, it acts as a continuation of the body. When the lecturer sees such a conclusion, expect to receive a humiliating grade.

Failure to Proofread and Edit

Your draft may contain a lot of errors and mistakes. It could be that some sentences lack a flow. If you fail to proofread and edit the work, you will submit an essay littered with errors. No one wants to read such an essay.


You can improve your writing skills by eliminating academic writing mistakes. Some mistakes include poor introduction and conclusion. Also, some use long sentences and a vague thesis. You could be writing sentences full of fluffy words while providing baseless arguments. Also, failing to proofread and edit their work. It would help if you polished your essay before submitting it. You can also request experts to help you by writing a compelling essay for you at a fee. Once you eliminate all the mistakes and deliver quality, expect a good grade.